Summer Assembly

Through the generosity of donors like you, Summer Assembly can continue to touch the lives of people of all ages.

Donating is easy and donations are accepted in several different forms:

1) Checks or money orders can be mailed to Karen or Roy Nelson (see Contact Us page for address).

2) Checks, cash or money orders can be given in person during Summer Assembly.

3) Donations can be sent safely online through PayPal.  Click HERE and follow the directions below.

PayPal Donations:

1) Sign in or create a secure account (it's free to sign up).

2) Click "Send & Request" link.

3) Click "Send to Friends and Family in the US" link.

4) Enter in the box and click on the "Next" button.

5) Enter any amount you would like to donate (make sure you click "Add a Note" and enter a name if you would like to give in honor of someone or you would like a receipt for tax purposes).  Click "Next" button.

6) Select the credit card or bank account you would like to use to send your donation.  Click "Send Money Now" button.